What’s Drippler?

Drippler is a discovery app that makes your mobile device even more awesome! Get the latest tips and discover new features, apps, updates, accessories and more.
Drippler was recommended by Samsung, Verizon, Amazon and AT&T and was named “the first app you need to install on your smartphone” and a “must-have app” by the media.

Where can I find Drippler?

Drippler is currently available on Google Play, Apple’s AppStore, Amazon’s App Store and as a web service (www.drippler.com)

Does Drippler supports other languages than English?

We currently only support English, but we
plan to support more languages in the future. 

Hoe does Drippler updates my page?

Drippler helps you to discover the latest tips, features, apps, updates accessories and more. 
This app doesn’t actually update your device, but will keep you posted on software updates, and provide instructions on updating. 


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What’s this Heart-Shaped ‘Like’ button?

​Liking drips will help us make your content more personalized and relevant to you.
If you choose to log in to Drippler with Facebook, your likes will be shared with your Facebook friends so they’ll be able to enjoy Drippler as well!
In order to disable automatic Facebook likes on Drippler, tap on the Menu button, choose “Settings” and then disable the “Share Likes on Facebook” button.

What’s this Star-Shaped ‘Favorite’ button?

Our “Favorite” button enables you to mark interesting drips so you can read them later.
In addition, favoriting  drips will help us make your content more personalized  and relevant to you. 

What’s this ‘Download'(or ‘Install’) button? 

The arrow-shaped “Download” button can be seen in apps and games related drips, and basically helps you to download directly from Drippler the app or game that was reviewed in that drip.  
When reading a game/app review drip, look on the lower-bar for the “Install” button. 

How can I ‘Share’ Intresting content on Drippler?

When reading a drip, tap on the “
If you’d like to share Drippler in general, tap on the Menu icon at the upper bar on the main screen (looks like 3-dots  or: your “Menu” button ) and choose “Share App”.