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More then 200,000 people play this game Available on & www.combat
Note: To Play this Game you must have to login with your facebook account &  the Alternate way is to vist the above  official website then u will be able to play this game Why Facebook?Because the site is related to the facebook game of application or Iphone & android.. So play this game directly via you.


Combat Extreme is a full 3d Browser Game based on Third-Person & First-
Person online multiplayer Shooter game.

With each kill ”in game score”, you will get combat cash that can be used to further advance your Soldier’s like weapons. Equipment. Experience points and overall states that is used to complete witch against other players around the world..

Team Deathmatch, Search & destroy, Last man Standing, Capture the Flag, Deathmatch & 6 Maps, plenty of weapons, Clay-more mines, Remote c4, Riot shields & much more. Let the games begin…!!!! ATTACK….