This is a very common complaint by the smartphone users that they had lost or either it has been stolen by others. Here are the ways to trace your mobile from any other PC or Android Smartphone when you lost it. Before that you need to apply some settings in your Android mobile. 


Go to Menu > settings > security > remote controls > sign in to your samsung account > Enable


  • If you want to trace it from any other Android mobile just simply Go to Menu > settings > security > Go to find my mobile webpage or if you are tracing from any other PC visit & login with your Samsung account.
  • When you successfully logged in to your account, you can find few options below the Remote Controls & simply follow them.

    Remote Controls:

    • Locate My Mobile: 
    1. You can find the current location of the lost device.
    2. In addition, you can track the movement of the mobile at 15 minute intervals for 12 hours.
      Data charges can be incurred while tracking mobile.
    • Lock My Mobile:
    1. If you want to Lock your Mobile? You need to set a message and four digits pin number and click on lock button and your mobile will locked immediately if any person is using the mobile.

    Note:* Select the country code and enter a mobile number that can receive messages. 
             * If the country code is incorrect or a landline phone number that cannot receive a message is entered, the  
    notification messages will not be delivered.
             * Messages are also delivered to the mobile number specified on the mobile.

    • Ring My Mobile:
    1. If you apply this method the bell rings for 1 minute at the highest volume regardless of the mobile’s sound and vibration settings.
    2. You can even set a message ex:This is a lost mobile.
    • Call/Message Forwarding:
    1. Here you can forward calls and messages for the lost mobile to a specified mobile number.
    2. After applying this method all the calls & messages will be forwarded to a specified mobile number.
    Note:* If the country code is incorrect, the received call will not be forwarded. 

             * After configuring the call forwarding setting in the Find My Mobile service, and the function is reconfigured on the mobile, the setting on the mobile is applied.          * Video calls are not forwarded.        

    • Call Logs:
    1. Retrieve call logs during the last week.
    2. Data charges can be incurred while retrieving call logs.
    3. Apply the method by clicking on Retrieve call logs button

    Note:* It may take a few minutes to retrieve call logs. 
               * If you run the function, the function usage record is delivered to the mobile.

    • Wipe My Mobile:
    1. Using the Wipe function, you can delete the data on a removable storage (e.g. external memory and SIM cards). Also using the Factory Data Reset function, you can delete the data on your mobile.
    2. After executing the Factory Data Reset function that deletes all the data on your phone, you can no longer use the Find My Mobile service with your mobile.
    3. Accept all the Terms & Conditions and enter your login password.
    4. Now select wipe button and whole data will be deleted.
    • Unlock My Screen:
    1. You can unlock the mobile screen remotely
    2. Select unlock button.


    The requested function may take a long time or may fail depending on the network environment and the mobile state. 

    If the mobile has been locked by the ‘Lock My Mobile’ function, the mobile lock as well as the screen lock is released..

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