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The Good things will come in multiples of four, or that must be LG’s line of thinking based on their latest specifications rumors for the LG G3. The G3, which would naturally followup to the recently launched G2, may come with a major feature upgrade in the  hardware when compared to LG’s current flagship (and also nearly every other smartphone on the market).

While,According to ZDNet’s Korean branch, the company is building a handset that will feature a QHD display and octa-core processor. The chipset is
said to be under development in-house under the LG Odin name and the phone might also feature a camera of 16MP.

The QHD display is not to be confused with previous qHD displays, which is of an unknown size. Note the capitalization and the upper-case Q stands for ‘quad’ and features a resolution of 2560 x 1440 (2k).

Finally, the LG G3 is expected to be launched sometime in 2014, but  the exact details haven’t been pinned down. No word on if LG will continue to locate the volume rocker and power button on the back of the phone