Hey! What’s going on everybody? Today I’m going to teach you a small tutorial about how to change the image background on android devices by using the PicArt Application. Yesterday, while I was searching for some images on Internet, I found a good image but I’m not satisfied with background of particular image, so i decided to change the image background. For editing that picture, I had choosen a nice application called PicArt.
Well! Coming to the point here is the procedure how to change the image background. Please follow the procedure carefully which is explained below or you can have a look on the VIDEO


1. Go to google play store and download application called Pics Art. After completing the download, install and open the app.
2.Now select the icon which is named as photo, after selecting the icon a popup window appears & here you need to select the gallery.
3.When you are in the gallery select the image which you want to use as background to your Image. The selected image automatically appears in the PicsArt editor.
4.At the bottom you can find a layer with some options, drag the layer towards left so that you can find some more options, here find & select a icon called Add Photo. Again a popup window appears with some options like multi photos and single photo, here you need to choose single photo. When you are in the gallery choose the image that you want to change the image background.
5.when the image opens in the picture editor, select a icon which is in a scissor shape. After selecting the scissor icon,  choose the brush and paint manually(you can zoom the image with two fingers) on the image that you want change background. When painting completes, select the check icon on the right side of bottom layer and adjust the size.
6.Hurray! Finally you changed the image background.

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