Hello!..! What’s going on everybody? It didn’t take long, but all the tools you need to change Galaxy S4 Notifications style into an S5 Notifications style are already available. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to get Samsung Galaxy S5 notifications shade.

You’ll need a rooted S4 running on Android 4.4.2 and a few file download I.e.,  BUILD.PROP EDITOR we’ll move onto in a minute.

Notification shade and Quick Settings

All you need to do for this is go into your BUILD.PROP EDITOR and open that up. You’ll see a ton of information about your device. All you need to do is locate the ro.product.name and ro.product.device entries and change them to SM-N900S by replacing
( ja3gxx & ja3g). Save your changes and reboot. You’ll now have the new icons in the notifications shade and your Quick Setting will look like those on the S5.

Share your moments with us.  If you find any difficult in editing the Build.prop, immediately contact us, we will try to solve your problem. 

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