Hello visitor ! If you are  reading this article you might be facing some serious battery problems with your Device . Well, you have chosen the right place to boost up your Device in few moments. Without wasting our time let’s discuss about how to save battery level on Android 4.4.2+ Devices.


• Auto Brightness mode, set it manually.
• All Vibrations
• Multi window features
• All Gestures
• Synchronisation ( enable it when charging)
• Wifi, Mobile Data, Hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, Screen Rotation, Reading Mode, Driving Mode (when not in use)
● Enable Flight Mode when network is not in use.
● In settings, head over to Display settings & find Touch key light duration. Set it to always off.
● Use Dark wallpapers(BLACK) for both Home & Lockscreen by avoiding Live wallpapers because they consume high battery in the background.

● Always use Power saving Mode
● Also download Some great Battery saving apps Like Greenify, Battery Doctor etc.. if needed.

By following these simple steps you can Improve your Battery Life.

If you know more details about Battery Saving, please let us know by commenting below. THANK YOU