Hey Visitor! How is it going & thanks for choosing our site. Today I’ll explain you on “How to be a successful Youtuber and make some Money with adsense”. So I would like to narrate my story (Myself Krishna, Age-20) how I’m growing on Youtube and got money wire transfer to my bank of $121.23 from adsense recently which was my first earning’ s that I made in my life on 26, August 2014. Lets begin…

I was very curious & enthusiast about Technology. I had seen many videos on YouTube regarding product reviews etc., then my mind started saying that why don’t you also start a channel on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/ggyt10 ) along with other youtubers…. I felt the idea was cool & finally decided to run Youtube Channel.

I opened a channel and Named it as “GetGoogles” on Febrauary 18th, 2014. I saw an article that we can be approved by adsense with in 2 hours after apply for it with just one video & that to with no views. I was not intrested in making money but just gave trial and after just 30mins later I got mail by adsense that my youtube request was approved, I was totally shocked, also felt very happy.
Then I thought to concentrate  & uploaded some more videos. I followed some rules given by adsense & Youtube.

The Rules I followed:

1.I maid original content, but not copied from other videos.
2.I verified my Youtube Account In settings section.
3.Enable Monetization.
4.Created HD videos (Many people are attracted by High Defination Videos).
5.Created a separate pages on Social Media like Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc., ( Youtube video’s will get good response by sharing on social media network’s).
6.Joined in Google+ communities and interacted with others who works as me.

Slowly My Youtube channel was running quite good with 750 Subscribers and 130,000 views (over all views) in just 6months and got a check of $121.23. I know it’s a small amount but it’s my first trail.

My Suggestions:

1.Create atleast 2 or more videos per month.
2.Share them in all communities, social networks. Also when u read a blog just give a comment & leave your URL so that u can get backlink.
3.Interact with your Subscribers in a Good manner & entertain them. Don’t feel shy to ask for a like & to Subscribe for your channel.
4.Collaborate with other youtubers, this will increase your views, also u will get new subscribers and please remember don’t try to ask for subscribe to subscribe. It’s a waste of time because they won’t see any of your videos even though they are subscribed.

Well, If anyone wants to collaborate with me not only a Youtuber,  offcourse any category,  bloggers, app developers and anyone…I here to work with.
I believe that unity makes anything & anyone stronger. …

And thanks for choosing my article. If u like this tips please be sure to leave a comment and subscribe to my newsletter and to my channel :p

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