How to enter into Recovery & Downloading Mode :: we use this two modes for different purposes for say to insatall any custom roms, flashing boot animations and much more we use Recovery mode. For flashing any stock rom like stock android and also other OS i.e, Cyanogenmod, Panaroid etc.  We use this Downloading Mode.
Entering into Recovery Mode ::
*Turn off your

device,  press & hold volume up+menu+power key at the same time till you find your samsung logo or any vibration. Once you see the logo or vibration release the buttons.  This works in many samsung devices but in some models it varies… 
*If this method didn’t work for u try to hold volume up+volume down+menu+power key at the same time &  release the keys once you see the logo.
*To select a particular option use power key, for going down or up use volume keys (or) if this didn’t work try to select the option by pressing menu key.

Enter into Downloading Mode ::
*Press & hold volume down+power key and when you see any logo or vibration just release the keys. Now select volume up to continue or select volume down to cancel the process.
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