How to enable soft keys on your device is very simple. Many of them use this feature if their softkey hardwares are damaged/they don’t wanted to use their default soft keys. Of course everyone has their own ideology on using this feature.
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Enabling soft keys is not risk to your mobile but if you didn’t implement the process correctly your device might be bricked & I’m not responsible for that. Do it on your own risk.
So before entering into the process let me guide you some more details i.e, to enable softkeys your device musted be rooted. If you are allset and ready to continue then follow the below process.
Process ::
*Download ( ) from play store.
*Open the, click on edit which you can find on top right and then swipe all the way down.
*Now at the last bottom of this script add this line qemu.hw.mainkeys=0 &  reboot your device.
*Once you reboot, you can find Soft keys are enabled on your  device.
If you have any questions regarding this tutorial you can ask me by commenting below.